The Personal Development found in competitive sport is immense. Lets start thinking about competition as being competition against yourself your fox doubts ( the yourself of yesterday the yourself that’s confronted /afraid / scared / inadequate). Many wise people have said that when you fight your first opponent is yourself. If you feel beaten within your soul then your physical body is going to struggle to do otherwise. You need to ask yourself honestly and to answer yourself honesty. I feel fear and I want to challenge that fear, I feel challenged and I want to challenge that obstacle. This thought is found and appreciated quite literally within the pugilistic arts but the concept can be applied to other life challenges. In doing this your spirit begins to grow, to quote Renzo Gracie “Fighting is the best thing a man can do for his soul”. Don’t think of fighting as being just physical battle…

wrap3Competition is a RUSH! It is natural to feel fear in the face of a physical threat & this creates immense excitement.

In terms of competition against other people. When you begin to walk down this path you’ll find your learning curve begin to grow at an exponentially. Suddenly your training becomes so much more important so much more relevant. You can focus more because there is a real need to focus.

As to the event tself, on the day there is nerves to contend with – this is you fighting against yourself. To begin to maser nerves is to begin to master yourself. As you become able to do this you gain the ability to remain calm in the face of other external adversities.

When your event begins you are facing an opponent you likely have never met before and more likely have no idea what their skill set is. When you do this you are plugging into your opponent and this is another skill for you to master.

This whole Journey is a great thing for any person young or old to undertake. I believe that MMA training MMA competition provides such a great vehicle for growth and development that it becomes a Right of Passage a Manhood Ritual in the place of an apathetic nothing. Too many young people enjoy crime and “juvenile” behaviour because they have no better avenue for their energy no goal which speaks to them and no example they aspire to.


Getting Fit is a basic goal shared by many. The benefits of exercise are proven by science to reward you with longevity of body and mind . Your body will function better and your mind will enjoy clarity of thought. On top of this you feel positive within your self, the feeling of exhaustion upon leaving the gym is your reward, it’s not so much of the exhaustion that you feel but the positive rush knowing and feeling that you have let your animal self run free.

In using MMA as a vessel to shape your body and reach your fitness goals is inspiring. When doing exercise for exercise sake your mind becomes disengaged, disenchanted and disinterested. When learning how to strike, how to wrestle, how to grapple, your mind is focused on the task at hand. You are forced to focus to perfect your movements which are often dynamic/complex in nature. Likewise your body has been exerting/ focusing it’s energy to perform.