Grappling / Wrestling

Grappling is a form of combat which does not involve the use of strikes to gain victory or to suppress an opponent. Rather the individual will use weight distribution, joint manipulation and the breaking of balance to control, suppress or defeat their opponent. This may seem somewhat weird not to strike when involved in a conflict, however most cultures from around the world had their own form of a grappling art. It is a very natural way to control a situation where damaging the other party, ie, via striking, would be inappropriate or undesirable.

10285824_744645185621323_7386661689643623925_oThe Grappling style we train in is a no Gi form of grappling and again is geared towards grappling for MMA. In place of the Gi students wear a rashi and comfortable shorts also a groin guard and mouth guard are strongly advised.

We teach students to attack and defend with the whole body so that the whole body works in unison. As opposed to two arms doing all the work while the legs, head and torso patiently observe. This creates a greater body iq  / body awareness in the student. During training a victory can be signalled by either a pin (being pinned on your back for a designated time) or by a “tap out” / verbal submission. The idea of a submission is to place your opponent in an uncomfortable position so that they will tap distinctly (themselves, their opponent or the mat). This tap out signals to the opponent to let them go and that they concede the match.