Kick Boxing / Muay Thai

Kickboxing is the loose term given to the striking system which we train. Most of the strikes are Muay Thai/ Kickboxing based however to have a truly well rounded striking style principles from other styles are also utilised. For example Western Boxing, Karate, Tae kwan do to name a few. In this way we do not teach a traditional “Muay Thai” but rather a more versatile and practical striking style.

1557456_541832725912190_1042413300_nAs the focus of Rings MMA is towards “Mixed” martial arts we also integrate takedown offence and defence into our striking training. This helps to bridge the gaps between the different combat styles and make for a more seamless fighting style. Though we aim to run a safe and family friendly facility this being a striking based form of combat there is always the possibility of injury. Staff and fellow students always strive to minimise this however it is a reality of our sport.

Training will generally consist of a thorough warm up and stretch routine followed by any combination of; Technique Drills, Pad Drills, Dutch Drills, Footwork Drills and Sparring.